Monday, 25 April 2011

Wenger out march??

Your having a laugth ain't you? I am 33 I have seen Arsenal win many things, I was lucky enough to see a team of players who didn't lose a league game in one season. I have seen records broken, I have seen goals you could only dream about. I have seen players who I would never of dreamed of watching in the early 80's and mid 90's.
The majority of our success is due to one man and that is Arsene Wenger. Have I forgot no I haven't unlike many others mainly a guy called censored who is organizing the 'Wenger out' march. I'm not exposing him as he has already done that via facebook. Now I have never seen this fella before at Arsenal not questioning if he goes or not by the way. But I am dubious about it.
I am a loyal man I support my club through thick and thin, I doubt Mr Anti Arsene does. Arsene has his faults as do all of us. Yes he is stubborn we know that. As someone tweeted yesterday 'Wenger has put his neck on the line for some players, but they haven't for him'
I do believe there will be a mass clearance of dead wood at the club. But throwing money about the place achieves nothing. Man city has spent over 400 million and nots including the hyper inflating contracts of players and they have a FA Cup final to show for it! Would that please the Wenger out brigade?? Man united have of recent years have spent quite prudently relying on youth and older players. They are having a bad season according to many but still lead the league and are dead certs for a champions league final spot.

I am sticking behind Wenger as I believe in him. I don't believe in lightweights and their crew



  1. Very well written.

    I am stunned at the audacity, the utter brainlessness of Holman (apparently) and the many other fans who are thinking of such pointless and counter-productive demonstrations of their frustrations.

    I disassociate myself entirely with such "so-called" Arsenal fans and doubt their credentials as such.

    If a march begins against "Wenger", I am prepared to march against them, in support of the club. Who's with me?

  2. credentials shouldn't be called into question we are all arsenal fans. You are no more of a fan than I just because we share a different view on the manager at the club. I believe that all good things come to an end and Arsene has taken us as far as he can. But I do blame the board more than the manager.