Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Who can we blame?

Not a game passes without someone saying someone is to blame. Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Wenger, the board etc etc. I know who I blame its our home support well I say support but as someone on twitter mentioned they are followers or to me spectators. Our Away support is 2nd to none and its no coincidence that Arsenals Away form is the best in the league. Every Gooner I speak to claims to get behind the lads at home well obviously some of you guys are lying. The only time I hear an atmosphere is at games vs big teams and the scum. But you can hear the discontent from Gooners all to well. On Sunday we are away to Blackpool who have a great atmosphere despite not winning anything for years. But if your an home supporter listen out and you will hear the away boys show you how to support a team. I will explain it in a way some doom and gloomers will understand At the Grove we have what we call Denilson fans. Basically they wear the kit, say they love the club but they offer nothing to support that. Then Away you have Wilshere fans. fans who lives and breathes Arsenal. Who keeps going to the last ball is kicked. Please follow me on twitter @afchymnsheet Please post comments below
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