Thursday, 21 April 2011

Why we need a change

Now this ain't a Wenger out blog and nor will it ever be, Wenger has given me some of my greatest days of being a football fan. 2 Doubles and the Invincibles, So I will remain loyal to my leader as I done in my youth to George Graham before he was ousted.
Whilst its not a Wenger out blog I do notice Arsené has his flaws, I will try to address this in this blog

1. FORMATION. Wengers persistancy to play 4-3-2-1 this season has been our main downfall this season. When Arsenal play the likes of Man United, Chelsea and even Spurs. They change their formation to counter act ours, and it works Fergie knows Wenger is to stubborn and won't try anything else. So he plays 5 accross the midfield with Flectcher breaking up the majority of our counter attacks. If Wenger changed to a 4-4-2 for instance it would destroy alot of Fergies gameplan. But Wenger doesn't do this

2. SUBSTITIONS. Wenger never seems to make a sub until the 75th minute unless someone gets injured. That has to change we have 3 subs to make yes there could be 3 injuries after the 75th highly unlikely unless we are playing Stoke. Alot if the time you can see a team is getting more into the game like both NLD this year. If Wenger made a change earlier than 75th minute we could of stop both results happening. Also going back to formation when making subs don't do like for like. Don't bring off Walcott for Bendtner then play him on the wing. The guy is a centre forward he is 6ft 3 in height and a great header of the ball. Swithed the formation to a 4-4-1-1 with RvP playing the Bergkamp role.

3. TRANSFERS. Wenger stop being tight with the money. Us Gooners ain't when it comes to renewing our season tickets although that might change this season. We put alot into the club we deserve better than the cheapskate transfers you try. One season we was a million short of signing Alonso. Alonso and Cesc in the same team would of won us trophies. With trophies comes prize money, we would of made the money back and more. We also are fed up with the same lines as ' When they are all fit we will have to many Attackers/midfielder/defenders/keepers' Wenger the last time they was all fit....... Well I have never known a all fit Arsenal Squad never.

4. DEADWOOD. Right we all know the players who need to go, but Wenger doesn't seem to know or he is to stubborn to acknowledge, yes Arsené you have been correct aboutba few players we haven't given time to, Song and Djourou being the main 2 for me, but there are players like Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Almunia, etc etc who ain't good enough and need to be chopped. I don't doubt they may become Good players but how many more years do Diaby and Denilson need, there hardly youth players now. We have players out in loan who would battle hard for Arsenal. Lansbury has been amazing for Norwich and should be well ahead of a midfield place than Diaby, Dean Nelson and Rosicky

Wenger please address these issues over the summer, I love being a Gooner but I also love being a winner

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  1. Dean Nelson. Love It gonna use it. Agree with everything. Play ppl in proper postion, better subs, formations 2 counteract opposition, in game tactical changes like Mourinho, Hiddink, Fergie & finally stop shopping at Netto surely arsenal can afford to start shopping at John Lewis.