Friday, 13 May 2011

BSM walk on Sunday

Whilst I think alot of people going on the walk Sunday have other agenda's. I do on whole agree with the BSM. Ticket prices are a joke they don't want the old school fan there, They want the double barrelled Surnames with his kids Julian and Hycinth in tow. Sorry but this is Football not last night of the proms. You have no Atmosphere as the Hardcore are working class and Family comes first. So they have had to sacrifice Arsenal due to silly prices on ST.

I know Arsenal need to make money but the last few years they are taking the piss 8 kits in 3 years is a joke something we used to take the piss out off at Man Utd for. Being an Arsenal fan is the most expensive fan to be when you consider our ST and when the Arsenal turn up away prices double. Yes our Football is better than Blackburn does this make it right?

Its about time the supporters of Arsenal, Man Utd Chelsea and Liverpool said enough is enough there should be one fixed price on all Football tickets. Why should I pay more than a stoke fan as I was born with taste?

Every Gooner needs to ban buying a programme a beer and burger in the ground etc something I have.done for years now. I would even suggest not buying Emirates cup tickets. The club needs the fans as much as we need the club trouble is, they don't seem to see that.

I won't buy any kits myself and I will ask you as Gooners not to either. The choice is yours no longer will I be used to pay Diaby's over the top wages

Note: there maybe some grammer mistakes in my blog, I don't care I went to a School in Hackney and the education wasn't great. However everything I say is from the heart and meant

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