Sunday, 3 April 2011

I am disgusted by yesterday

No I'm not talking about the pitiful performance by our Team. But by various fans, I won't call them Gooners or Supporters. These people are what is wrong with our home support. 25 minutes or so in we concede a free kick on the edge of the area. Some idiot shouts 'OI you useless Spainish C##t get on your line'.
At the time Almunia had done nothing wrong. I have no problem with people slagging off a player admit it we all do at some point. But why do you need to bring in the fact that he is Spanish. This same supporter has been calling Arshavin a lazy Russian C##t all season. I tell you what next game one word out of turn next game I will expose you on my blog.

Ok as we all know there ain't much to talk about concerning the game it was woeful. But teams will drop points Man utd will drop points be realistic. The league may seem out of reach at the moment that could change Man Utd still have to play us and Chelsea yet

Anyway with 5 minutes left on Phillip Dowd watch. Someone shouted out towards Wenger. 'fuck off out of our club, you French Wanker....We want our Arsenal back' What Arsenal is that then mate? The one what allows zenophobic insults? Let me tell you I hope and pray we don't get your Arsenal back. Because thats the day I will no longer goto football matches. No one is above criticism not even a man who brought 2 Doubles and a unbeaten season. I'm by no means a paid up member of the AKB but I has respect for a man who brought great football and trophies to our club.

Going back to the 'we want our Arsenal back' comment. I hear this alot I still don't know what it means? I can only assume that means they want us to spend money? But you tell me when Arsenal was prudent with money? In the 30's we was known as the Bank of England club maybe back then. But the comments come from 50 year olds and younger. I also hear they want David Dein back if Dein ever came back it would be with the Russian fella no one seems to want. So that rules that out.
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