Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ali ali Aliadiere

A few months ago Hymn Sheet stated on on Twitter that Jermaine Aliadiere was trainning at Arsenal to prove himself to Wenger in the hope of re-signing for the club 'he loves'. In the week he was given a game in the reserve game vs Wigan.

Sadly Aliadiere didn't score. But he has however shown enough ability to get a new 2 year deal at Arsenal. Jermaine is said to be frilled at the prospect of helping Arsenal try to win the Premiership this year. Whilst its not 100% that he will be in the squad for Blackburn. He may have a chance of being on the bench if RVP is ruled out.

In other news I was looking at our fixture list and everyone of our games are on Sky bar Fulham which still could be. Do Sky have more belief than many Gooners? Or do they want Geoff Shreeves to keep asking that much used question 'Are Arsenal out of it?' After dropping points? Arsenal will drop points from now til the end of the season but so will Man Utd we can win the league lets BELIEVE.

As I believe our lack of belief rubs off on the players. After points are, Arsenal fans in the numbers tweet negative comments to the boys on Twitter. Yes tough love does work but insults don't. I am not a fan of Denilson but will I insult him through Twitter no. He is still an Arsenal player so I will support him until he leaves

At Blackburn please turn up make some fucking noise its a 17.30 you should be awake by then.

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