Monday, 30 May 2011

The Y Word

Last week Young Jack Wilshere, Retweeted a comment containing the word 'Yid' not a smart move from Jacky boy. But I think he was honestly naive to the fact that the word is offensive to Jewish people. Yes the spurs fans do call themselves the Yid Army but that doesn't make it right.

Tottenham only call themselves that as in the late 70's to late 80's Arsenal fans used to call them 'yid scum' etc etc due to there large Jewish fan base. The Tottenham fans adopted the name to show that it didn't bother them. Much the same ways as Spurs gave us the name 'Goons' which later became Gooners after we adopted it.

Now we are in the 21st century we need to move on with the times, the word Yid or Yido is no longer acceptable in the same way as the words Nigger or Paki are. We are Arsenal we having the biggest multicultral fan base in the world, I stand alongside 4 Jewish guys at Arsenal. They are passionate Gooners but they are alienated when we play Tottenham.

I agree the word Yid should be banned from football and teams should be fined if there fans sing it. It should affect Tottenham more than us, as half there songs contain the word Yid or Yido.

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