Monday, 29 August 2011

We want answers not Excuses

I won't reflect too much on the joke of a performance we all know thats not good enough for Arsenal.
But we certainly want answers to these questions

Q1. Everyone knew Cesc and Cashri wanted off everyone. I love Wenger but surely this is one thing he actually did see happening, why did we not bring in signings to replace before selling them? You had enough time to

Q2. Who is to blame for this is it Wenger, Gazidis, Kronke, Hill-wood or someone else. There has to be someone held acountable to our demise. Does Wenger get the money he needs for Transfers are our contracts not lucrative? Myself I cant see what Wenger has to gain by not signing no one. He is not an idiot. Is Gazidis and Staff shockingly bad in transfer dealing with players. We lost out on Mata due to dithering and penny pinching. Apparently wants the salary cap lifted, so why hasnt it been? We have to pay the highest prices for tickets in English football it doesnt compute with me?

Q3. Who is actually on charge of our Club, I know Kronke is the major share holder but what does he actually do? Hill-Wood gets a good wage but does very little but sell exclusives to the Daily Star

Q4. Why does Wenger keep saying I will buy if they are of top quality at the moment we need just quality to help our top players out. We can rely on a 19 year old kid from Charlton to fill gaps. He isn't ready yet.

Q5. Why does Walcott defend corners put him on half wayline

Q6 4-3-3 just why? Yesterday Wenger could of played 4-4-2 to add more experience he could of gone with Chamakh or Bendtner partnering Robin v Persie. Traore isnt good enough s po Coquelin could of filled in at LB with a midfield of Ramsey Rosicky Walcott and Arshavin.
Q7 are we getting any signings in at all

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