Friday, 20 May 2011

Season ticket rental your mental

If I had a tenner for everytime I've seen 'Season Ticket for sale' I'd be half way to paying of my own one.
My advice do not buy one of these people. Becausebas soon as the Arsenal start winning trophies again. You will find you have no ST for the next season.

Some people have good reason to sell for a year, The majority don't. When you ask them why they moan a lack of ambition from the club etc. If that was the case why bother getting someone else to buy your season ticket under your name. That means shit as far as Arsenal PLC see Joe Bloggs is happy with whats going on as Joe Bloggs has renewed. Also don't make out your doing a fellow Gooner a good deed. If anything he is doing you a good deed, Because we all know if Arsenal was to win the league 2011/12 you'll be back for 2012/13 leaving Mr Rental putting up with Chris Waddle on ESPN.

Please do not buy season tickets of any of these people

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