Tuesday, 29 March 2011

We're back

Well after a long absence, The hymn sheet is back. Found a lovely blog droid on andriod so happy days. We are at the serious part of the season where trophies are handed out having have our hopes and dreams shattered in 3 cups. We now have to pick ourselves up and try for the league.

Trouble is our back up players are no where near as good as Man utd or Chelsea for that matter. Denilson shouldn't play for Arsenal again. Keepers get dropped when they make mistakes how many chances has this kid had? Of to West Ham I think. Diaby the most frustrating player of all time, the guy has bundles of ability but he tends to make stupid errors. Rosicky has been unlucky with injuries and is not the player we signed. Throw in Dodo Schillachi you have a receipe for error prone football. I won't slag of Almunia to much as. I think Wenger has made the Error of not signing a decent keeper.

One thing I do know about the Arsenal is our backs against the wall approach to football, sadly even that hasn't been apparrent of late. So Saturday we play a rubbish Blackburn team with the Referee who hates us.
I don't buy that he hates us. I just don't think he is a good referee. He made many errors vs Newcastle but him and his poor excuse of a lino ruled out a legit Newcastle goal for offside. We can't start thinking oh we have lost today because of Mr Dowd that is a defeatist attitude to have. One thing I will say our Home crowd need to realise they are as much apart of the run in as the Manager and team. Sing your hearts out, wether it be Blackburn or Man Utd. Every game is a cup final the lads need us.
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