Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rocky a hero to all

As a young lad my Father used to take us to the Arsenal me being 5 my brother 7. We used to get in the,ground bloody early so early my brother and I would play silly games one was spot the black guy in the crowd, now please don't judge we was kids in the early 80's when the colour of your skin was always a problem for idiots. Me and my brother however this wasnt the case. My reason for telling you this story is how the game of Football has brought Races, Cultures and sexes closer together. A major part of that was Black Football players, players like Barnes, Thomas and a true legend David Rocky Rocastle.
These guys open the door for a multi cultural crowd to enjoy a game of football or not enjoy as some cases maybe. On Saturday I will be at The Grove attending the game with my Muslim friend. Without the help of players like Rocastle would he of felt welcomed at the grove thankfully we will never know.

Rocky passed 10 years ago today as a way of acknowledging our love and respect we will be trying to get #RIPROCKY to trend on Twitter.
Saturday please show your support by singing Rocky's chant till your blue in the face

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