Friday, 6 January 2012

Racism rears its ugly head AGAIN!!!

Now I'm not saying all Liverpool fans are racist, but at least 2 where Vs Oldham. The thing what sicken me most was other Liverpool fans defending these 2 pieces of filth, many went with he was hit by a coin angle or they didn't call him a Black Bastard they called him a Manc Bastard angle.

Either way both where incorrect, the 'fans' where kicked out of the ground. Thats another problem I have, Why wasn't they arrested? I would go further and name and shame them. Liverpool have a chance here after the Suarez fiasco to almost make things right.
Both these 'fans' should be banned for life and given heavy fines.

You may notice I am putting 'fans' rather than fans. There is a reason no true Football fan could share these blinkered views on black players in the beautiful game of Football. Not having seen Pele, Thierry Henry, Samuel Etto, Ruud Gullitt, Patrick Vieira, Yaya Toure etc etc grace the beloved game. How can you be against black people but yet cheer when one scores for your team thats just hypocritical.

Several black football players where upset what happened to young 20 year old Tom Odeyemi and rightly so. A lot of twitters rallied behind them but some people where pushing the Sepp Blatter line 'Just get on with it' No why should they just get on with it, its 2012 now we shouldn't get on with anyone who offends us, we should stand up for what is right and what is wrong. We shouldn't have to 'just get on with it' if something offends us we should be able to say 'no thats wrong' and take the correct action

Sadly some people get a bit brave on twitter hiding behind a keyboard, thinking they can mouth of say what they want to whom they want. Trouble is if your a big mouth on twitter. You obviously a big mouth elsewhere people will find your number, your address and where you work. Pretty sure that ain't what you want is it?

In previous years we have made great progress at Kicking Racism out of football, but the last few weeks in both Football and in day to day life, we have gone back 20 yrs. We can beat Racism but we all need to work together to sort it

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